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Trick or Treat

Hi Everyone,

I hope you are all safe and well!

I don't know if it's just me but there is a noticeable change in the air! Summer has gone and we are definitely moving into Autumn now!

Is everyone preparing for Halloween ... I certainly am, as many of you are ordering the large and giant Halloween sets for your little ones to have for the holiday season!

Trick or treating doesn't feel like it will be the same this year :( so why not treat your little ones to a spooky set of colourful crayons.

We enjoyed a lovely "staycation" last week and I am now back on top of all of your orders :)

I want to thank you for all of your orders! I love to hear your feedback and how your little ones are loving their crayons so please keep them coming!

I'll be putting a post on Instagram (@beecrayative) about how to care for your crayons! All of the crayons are made with natural beeswax, carnauba wax, cocoa butter and non-toxic Crayola. As time goes by the cocoa butter can appear on the surface - it's a natural moisturiser. Just wipe them with a damp cloth and they will be as good as new :)

Enjoy the rest of your week

Lauren - BeeCrayative


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